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Frederick Zimmermann Memorial Series for Double Bass

Lucas Drew, Professor Emeritus, General Editor

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Trios and Quartets for Double Basses, Vol. I- Zimmermann

Trios and Quartets for Double Basses, Vol. II- Zimmermann

Trios and Quartets for Double Basses, Vol. III- Zimmermann

Trios and Quartets for Double Basses, Vol. IV- Drew

Short, transcribed and original trios and quartets from the 16th through the 20th centuries -Excellent for young to moderately advanced players.

Contemporary Modal Solos for Double Bass and Piano- Weinstein

Twelve original short solos for double bass and piano by Milton Weinstein, edited and commissioned by Frederick Zimmermann.

Ayres and Dances for Double Bass and Piano- Zimmermann

Seven transcribed solo works of 16th, 17th and 18th century masters with excellent stylistic piano accompaniments.

The Notation of Harmonics for Double Bass (A Guide to the Orchestral Bass Parts of Maurice Ravel)- Drew

An excellent reference chart of the harmonics of Ravel.

Seventy-seven Baroque Bass Lines for Double Bass (Cello)- Drew

A collection of short chorales and basso continuo lines in all keys by more than 20 Baroque masters. Excellent sight-reading and supplementary teaching material.

Three Sonatas for Double Bass and Piano (Pergolesi, Croft, and Caporale)- Zimmermann & Drew

Three cello sonatas transcribed for double bass - The final movement of the Pergolesi Sinfonia being used by Stravinsky for the bass solo in one of the variations of his ballet, Pulcinella.

Fantasia for Unaccompanied Double Bass- Attributed to Henry Eccles/Drew

A three movement unaccompanied work- the opening movement (Preludio) being a good concert-etude for practicing the basics of thumb position.

Fantasy for Solo Double Bass and Four Others (Double Bass or Violoncello Quartet)- John Boda

A melodic solo part with a contemporary accompaniment.

Sonata No. 2 in E Minor for Double Bass (Cello) and Piano (Harpsichord) - Henry Eccles. (Ed. Drew- Keyboard Realization by Robert Heath)

A "new" Eccles Sonata to perform in addition to the popular G Minor Sonata (orchestra and solo tuning parts included).

The Complete Double Bass Parts from the Chamber Music Repertoire Series

(Compiled and Annotated by Lucas Drew)

Volume I

Schubert- Piano Quintet "Trout", Opus 114

Dvorak- String Quintet, Opus 77

Hummel- Piano Quintet, Opus 87

Mendelssohn- Piano Sextet, Opus 110

Beethoven- Septet, Opus 20

Saint-Saens- Septet, Opus 65

Schubert- Octet, Opus 166

Spohr- Nonet, Opus 31

Volume II

Rossini- String Sonata No. 3

Mozart- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K.525

Nielsen- Serenata in Vano

Goetz- Piano Quintet, Opus 16

Dussek- Piano Quintet, Opus 41

Glinka- Grand Sextet

Mozart- A Musical Joke, K. 522

Hummel- Septet, Opus 74

Spohr- Octet, Opus 32

Balakirev- Octet, Opus 3

Martinu- Nonet

Dvorak- Serenade, Opus 44

Your own bass parts- a collection of single, unedited, complete double bass parts to the standard chamber music repertoire.


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